Monday, July 18, 2011

seeing the Light

We are born, as a human, already en-lightened... look at any/every baby, and clearly their light shines through the form...

Conditioning happens to us... (this is 'complex'... because it is coming from every encounter with another human being or groups of humans... society, the collective egoic unconscious...etc... (though this is all 'lightening up' now... so children being born, now/currently/contemporarily, have the opportunity of not receiving 'as dense an ego/pain body' as previous to speak...)
Once, I myself, go through the process of dis-identification with ego/pain body... then the light of consciousness is seen in every person... clearly...

it is just a natural law, so to speak... that the person suffering in poverty, is more transparent, for this light to beam outwardly, from withIn...
I can see the light, as more of a 'potential' in a rich person... depending on what the definition of rich is... are they squandering their material wealth?... or are they working with their money wealth for the greater good of human beings...
in both cases, the beings are the same... the human experience is the only difference, and grace happens to bring awareness ... albeit, it may take more 'clock' time in the squanderer, depending on how they receive the wake-up call, I can't know that...neither can

the degree of glow, is the only apparent difference, on the level of form... and essentially, it matters not whether someone else awakens, only I can awaken...and recognize the light withIn everyone...

everyone exchanges the same energy (of "enlightenment")... all the time, continually, without effort, and automatically....heart to heart)... the gift, is awareness, to be enJoying Life/Love...and at the same time, feeling the compassion deep in the same heart for all human suffering...

the poor person who suffers, on the physical level, is providing me with the gift of their blinding/burning light that consumes the darkness of ego, or the illusion of separation... through their presence with their own suffering...

every encounter, in the physical or via cyber space, tv, etc.... every encounter... serves awakening

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fine lines...

weaver of tides

Is there a 'fine line' that separates drawing from painting? 
Is this a distinction that still exists today in the art world?
Is there an art world?

It dawned on me, that the whole of my life experiencing... is immersed in dissolving perceived boundaries 

What is primary?

My burning heart's desire has, always been, always will be... to seek pure expression of IT.  Directly, without concepts, theories and ideas .

What I "thought" I had imagined or devised... in my art play of the past, turns out Now, to be exactly that... made without any filters, limits, constructs...indeed, without thoughts!
Direct experience full-filled with marks
marks made with whatever medium available... honoring the sacredness of paper

When did your self, as child, become an adult?  Is that imaginary line ever truly crossed?

Our essential nature is free to express its true love of Life!
through making our marks

:Doreen Connors 

Friday, July 8, 2011

natural girl

we are surrounded by Nature, Our Caregiver, as a reflection of the Great Mother… 
Is now
…germinating within every heart

We share the same Heart
no matter where You plant your feet

I am a solitary flower
I am
and knowing this

We Are
in the garden together

embodied, We Live Life
as Love…
runs through fields of… every word, every cell, every molecule

fact or fiction
reality or dream
every word is disintegrating in thin or fat air

words are too meager for our meeting
losing mind is the greatest present infinity to receive

Infinite sky… can You see?
why not
with our Heart Eyes

please note: the image of the Moon was taken on jul 6, 2011...without any post-production in photoshop, etc... 'just what came through the camera, and my hands holding the camera!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Voice from the Heart

living in gentleness

a deep sense of gratitude is held for 'the All' of lifetime experiences... from the moment of birth

the past is completely transmuted/changed...all the 'baby' steps taken (from the 'beginning of life' as a baby) moving in to one's life... are 'literally' changed/transformed...seen in a completely new light

only great fullness remains without any regrets or sadness

for me, to see that from the moment we are born....that Life *simply* happens to us... this was the doorway open for Gratitude to come in...

to see that from the moment we are born, every movement is without a choice...

the first lie told is not coming out of 'choice' is coming from a place within that fears the pain of 'love being removed' to speak...

we have no choice to remove ourselves from the environment/care giving situation that we find ourselves in... and so one automatic step leads to the next....and so on... in to our life situations... "building" our lives through the conditioning that is never anyone's choice... until awareness sets In!!

Having the awareness of crucial to resting in awareness in the field of Now

the grace of gratitude is the fuel that maintains the fire of awareness

the body/person/essence is in a constant resting place...*In* Love (the formless dimension)

'Love' is elevated *way* beyond the egoic sense of love... Love *Is* the Now

bit by bit the old story of the past is brand new

a tale of nothing but Joy to be told

(seems crazy to the mind, but it is true)

the Heart takes over completely and runs the show...beautifully!

the child reclaims her eyes of wonder

she is re-born In her 'birthright' of unconditional Love
~  ~
\ () /

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Voice from the Heart: melding hearts

Voice from the Heart: melding hearts: "in truth/reality We forgive every human for its 'history' and current unconsciousness, insanity... from Now, the space of Being forgiven..."

Monday, March 21, 2011

"Doc Bumper" - SXSW 2011 Film

Life breathes

We Are Love, In the Ocean of Oneness... with a myriad of expressions

Infinite variation in the Oneness
All streams merge in the ocean

We are all meeting and remaining exquisitely diverse, simultaneously...
Living the paradox

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Sense

As the feeling of not being "alone" in Life gets more deeply rooted in one's heart
The sense of loneliness fades...

And the point comes...
one sees that this feeling of loneliness is of the mind, a desire of the mind for connection to an "other"...

The Now, brings me back In my heart, which is always in constant connection with everyone [regardless if one is aware or not]

The feeling of this comes "on-line" with each step... the knowing of connection transforms into feeling it, "permanently in"


I experienced fully the longing for connection, and gradually it transmuted to peace-full satisfaction In myself....
which has the effect of increasing connection exponentially, without expectation and beyond one's wildest imaginings!

And yet, totally grounded and sane at the exact same moment!

(I dove into it as deeply as possible)
And Love dives In to me...
Love is what We Are made of (like star dust)

Our beingness is all that is "required" 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

vibrating as the embodiment of absolute equality with All