Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Sense

As the feeling of not being "alone" in Life gets more deeply rooted in one's heart
The sense of loneliness fades...

And the point comes...
one sees that this feeling of loneliness is of the mind, a desire of the mind for connection to an "other"...

The Now, brings me back In my heart, which is always in constant connection with everyone [regardless if one is aware or not]

The feeling of this comes "on-line" with each step... the knowing of connection transforms into feeling it, "permanently in"


I experienced fully the longing for connection, and gradually it transmuted to peace-full satisfaction In myself....
which has the effect of increasing connection exponentially, without expectation and beyond one's wildest imaginings!

And yet, totally grounded and sane at the exact same moment!

(I dove into it as deeply as possible)
And Love dives In to me...
Love is what We Are made of (like star dust)

Our beingness is all that is "required" 

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