Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fine lines...

weaver of tides

Is there a 'fine line' that separates drawing from painting? 
Is this a distinction that still exists today in the art world?
Is there an art world?

It dawned on me, that the whole of my life experiencing... is immersed in dissolving perceived boundaries 

What is primary?

My burning heart's desire has, always been, always will be... to seek pure expression of IT.  Directly, without concepts, theories and ideas .

What I "thought" I had imagined or devised... in my art play of the past, turns out Now, to be exactly that... made without any filters, limits, constructs...indeed, without thoughts!
Direct experience full-filled with marks
marks made with whatever medium available... honoring the sacredness of paper

When did your self, as child, become an adult?  Is that imaginary line ever truly crossed?

Our essential nature is free to express its true love of Life!
through making our marks

:Doreen Connors 

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